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I dedicate love notes to the one who will sing In the Key of Love.

Experience a restored heart of joy and feel the rhythm of heartbeats flowing with excitement, while you are exuding the sweet fragrance of love in the air. Rekindle the meaning of happiness that is felt when love walks back into your life again, when, you thought it would never return. Time to open up and sing again!

God is Faithful! He wants us to know that His love is always there for us to receive.

I believe “In the Key of Love” is a must read for every man or woman who has known love, lost hope in it, and suddenly feels the stirring of promise once again. So sit back and relax, let this book stir the emotion, and lead you into hearing again, the sound that awakens the soul when “The Key of Love” knocks within.

                                                                                                                         — Apostle John L. Hickman



In the Key of Love

In the Key of Love